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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 31, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and a nice live shot and coming out in the central valleyment signal alert is for 7:00 a.m.. and good news for the morning commute. it is clear outside and we'll not see much in the way of airport delayies . the coast with afternoon cloudd and low to mid60s and low 70s to mid80s sunshine inland. mid80ses. here is a lot of water right now. 5:01 on tuesday morning. how offy is stirring up problems. >> and the coffee wars begin. coffee and tea already had a one billion offer and other buyers are ready to big including the coffee company's biggest carrier.
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terry >> this is a tough story to wallow for fans of peat- pete's coffee but starbucks is thinking about a take over. true pete's fans that is like the dodgers and giants merging. doesn't make sense to people. take a look at pictures we have. made in san francisco. and since 1966. it started in emoriville back in 1966. pete's stock is up last week after an offer for the company. it went up 3 percent and has an lift speculating that starbucks might be prepared and offer $80 a share. that is 7 dollars a share higher than what is on the table. it would give entry in the
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gourmet coffee market. it sells a dollar more per bag. they are selling the beans in whole food and walmart. but a lott of people who love petes look down on star bucks and to add to the speculation and mystery officials say they have no comment on the rumors. just rumors rightt now and they are swirling this morning and people at pete's are pretty upset. >> thanks a lot. it is 5:03. six flaggs is conducting a test to figure out what caused a roller coaster to break down. park crews are testing the computer programs that help to run the ride. a dozen apparentlies got stuck 15 stories above groundd. the operator restarted it 90
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minutes latest and bring passengers back to safety. some were upset that it was closed. >> not after what happened yesterday. >> that is sad. i was stoked to ride and everyone else was like no, no. come on. >> six million dollarr roller coaster opened one month ago and it would be closed indefinitely. >> two northerb soldiers serving in afghanistan lost their lives. sean jacobs was kill would by an iad. specialist benjamin platos died a day later in the northern region of afghanistan. officials have released no details about the 25 year old man's death. san francisco police are investigating how a homeless
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man got his hands on a gun and ammunition . robert johns was arrested after police found weapons and survival gear. it is not the first time police have dealt with johns. he was detained in june after leaving a threattening note on a woman's car. >> road closure due to construction on a bart project. that will provide transportation to the airport . the detours extend into the early morning hours and so be aware. automated people mover is scheduled to open in may of 2014 and replace the existing shuttle service. >> san francisco is considering installing parking meters around the zoo. it is an effort to have mass
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transit. it is 8 dollars on week days and several blocks of free parking available. the city is already planing to put in meters aroundd at&t park. and parking meters generate 15 million a year. >> with the cal state system, it is hard to get enrolled. they are accepting new students for next yeek. sonoma state and san francisco state are universities accepting application. the system wide budget cuts and looming of losing 215 million dollars are forcing school administrators to scale back. >> traffic should be running smoothly through a busy intersection after a
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accidental spill that created a slickk situation. we heard the story life at 4:00 yesterday. a barrel full of used frying oil fell off of a truck and spilled 100 gallon's worth. cruc had to block the lanes as they used kitty littter to clean up the oil. >> for crews reached containment in a burning part of the foreof the. this is video of the fire breaking out. flames charred 385 acres, that is little more than half a square mile. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> i saw the fire in the back cround and firefightering forces. >> it is in your neighborhood. >> it is indeed. >> what is it going to be like
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out there. >> only one way to find out. >> welcome to tuesday. live doppler 7, is quiet. no clouds this morning. no drizzle. and it is warmer though. the peninsula is two degrees warmer than yesterday. and same thing with oakland and santa rosa and concord. 7 degrees warmer and antioch. and that puts us in the 50s and 60s. under sunny skies and in the 7 o'clock hour. temperatures in the mid-80s. upper 50s on the coast. you will be in the 60s by 4:00. near and around the bay near 90. pollen count today tree and rag weed on the mild side. and heat builds through
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tomorrow and holds steady through thursday. loww 80s around the bay . then we'll drop two-four degrees with temperatures above average away from the coast into friday. here is sue with an update. >> back out to the central valley. one lane remains open. big rig accident is the problem here . let's take a look at altnewt - alternate routes. others from stockton southbound 5 to 132 and back to westbound 580. good news past the accident on grant line, that traffic is flowwing smoothly this morning. here is southbound 101 moving well and past the civic center. early road work, repaving on southbound and northbound 101.
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southbound 680 headed for highway 24 and few brake lights. otherwise you are looking for a smooth ride and san mateo bridge couple of brake lights. but so far, so good. >> a time is 5:10. pressure is on for the fed and postal service. >> expected legal battle over money to protect homes from wildfires. the drive to discover a new way to watch the lim limbs and the bay area company that is make possible. >> big thank you. bay area fost every kids by liking us on facebook. julie c of santa rosa and roda k of san francisco. you, too, can make a difference. like abc 7 facebook and one dollar will
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>good morning, pressure on the fed. more and more federal reserve wants to take step to simulate the economy. we may hear something tomorrow. u.s. postal service is expected to default tomorrow on a five and half billion payment for the benefits fund. they are lose don't have the cash. there will not be disruptions
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in service or pay roll. chrysler is reported a 436 million profitt and a big change from a year ago. concentration is paying off . europe's economic wes are hurting other automakers. three movies basod the hobit. director peter jax - jackson said there is enough for three. i am rob nelson. >> a millionn californians will receive the first fire fee bill in two weeks. the state expects to collect millions. average bill $150 a year. they will be mailed out by county. there are 825,000 homes and barns and stables and outbuildings in the covered by the fee.
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homeowners say it is really a tax and they intend to fight it in court. >> solyndra filed a plan for repaying the creditors. they defaulted on a federal loann and declared bankruptcy and that triggered an f.b.i. investigation and charp criticism for the white house approving the loan. it will place solyndra's assets in a trust fund. >> san francisco mayor edlye lye and supervisors are touring the veritable vegable produce company that would save $7000 a year if frann -- san francisco switches from the current business tax. >> a gross receipt tax you on the successful implementtation of the business plan and not your attempt to get people hired so that you can be more successful. >> frann frann-- san francisco
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is the only city with a pay roll business tax. supporters claim it will generate 28 million for the city and create 1700 jobs in the first year. a major departure for yahoo. ross leaveninsona leaving. he negotiated his exit with the ceo. levinson was brought in and favored to be ceo. >> fans attending the lim limbs - limb olympics is asked not to tweet. some are calling the 2012 games the app olympics because
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of the apps about the game. there are media apps with little about everything and individual apps. a company in mountain view. app celarator. they developed titanium to help family enterprises get in the game. >> it is move nothing the noble network. it is a interesting jump. early years in the app business were dorm room developers. but now businesses have industrial strength apps with large teams and big data. >> if you prefer a traditional way of watching the olympics, you can switch back over to abc 7 news. it is a 7 minute recap of the news, weather and sports highlights.
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there is more speculation of what is expected to be apple's next iphone. this is the next generation of the device. published by a company in japan that repairs iphones. based on components, that were leaked from china, the new phone will have a slightly larger display screen. apple is reportedly going to announce in november. >> you will not be able to tweet or anything. >> so many apps and yet so little space in the sphere. >> how about the weather. >> a lot of changes today in a small area. looking outside. micro climates are back in full affect. tuesday morning 5:18. can you see how clear it is this mornning. we'll look live at doppler 7
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hd. a good run of weather, not expecting delays there. at least not because of low ceilings or drizzle. 50s or 60s. and we are in the upper 50s inland. sunshine everywhere today. and seasonal and hotter than average highs this afternoon. coast in the bay will have cloud and cooler tonight and not as hot einland this weekend. for today compared to average. napa temperature of 88 and five degrees warmer. and in oakland 74 and san francisco 68. and redwood city is 82. one degrees shy of an average. and clouds in the coast and make a light push in the bay and they will not last longg. and clouds are gathering along the coast and that's where they will be around noon.
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the rest of us are full of sunshine and going from the 60s to the 90s today. down in the south bay. cupertino having 80s. and loww 80 in redwood city. mid-to upper in san mateo . half moon bay at 64 . same thing with the sunset. 68 in downtown. and 68 in south san francisco. mid-80s to low 90s in the north bay. 30 degreess cooler in the beachs and 72 in berkeley. could touch 80 in freemont and caster valley. 80s and 90s in walnut creek. gilroy and morgan should be 90. most of monterey will be in the 70s. you can see more clouds in the bay and coast and temperatures in the 50s until you get to antioch. your accu-weather 7 day
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forecast. hottest temperatures and temperatures will jump a few more degrees. it is about another two or six saturday and sunday and monday. it will be 10 degrees choler. have a great day. >> good news or better news coming out of the central valley. two left lanes are open. they have a big rig back up on its wheels. they are looking of an estimated time of opening at 7:00 a.m.. the big rig is blocking your lane. alterate routes and from stockton southbound 5 to 132 to westbound 580. look at abc 7 exclusive ways. very, very slow out of stockton and laytrip area with the traffic spotters with the major accident. this is west grant line. that is beginning to punch up.
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one of the alternate routes is starting to get bunched up. two left lanes are open to 580 and a live look at the toll plasa. it is live out there. katy and erickk. it is 5:22. and new beginning for the oak landd raiders, how they want to clean up their game. they give fans an over time thrill. and a comedy master brings his film-making skills to the bay alen area and you might be able to catch woody alen, next.
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>> oakland a's continue the winning ways with a walk off victory. this one lasted 15 innings. jammle weeks sacrifice fly brought in the winning run to give the a's a win over tampa bay rays. the two teams play again tonight. game between the giants and mets at at&t park went into extra innings and the giants came up short. scott hairston hit the solo opener. and giants have lost five games in a row all at home. they are in a tie with the dodgers. >> and the raiders resume the training camp with a new head coach. he's trying to cange the culture of the gold and black. players were flying around
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from the drills and focus on urgency. and one of coach allen's biggest things will be cutting down the penalties. they had 163 penaltis and losing more than 1300 yards. to win in the initial football league you have to learn how to not beat yourself. that causes you to lose football games. >> raiders were 8 and 8 and hoping to get in the playoffs for the first time since 2002. >> we are gearing up for football season. we'll be broadcasting two nfl network thursday night football games. first up. niners host the seahawks and december sixth raiders take on the denver broncos and peyton, something, manning.
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they are exciting. >> and watch out woody allen is coming to town. he's shooting much of his next movie in san francisco. crews will film at least one day in marin county. the movie's location manager is not releasing specifics on when and where filming will take place. it has been reported that it will star alec baldwin and kate blanchet. >> andrew dice clay? >> uh-huh. haven't heard. as they say. and on line xbox battle turns violent in the real world. what led a player to go to a friend's house armed with a gun and knife. >> two san francisco medical marijuana clubs that are out of business because was a federal crack down. >> a strange odorcoming out of
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marin county faucets. nothing to worry about. >> high temperatures. inland 80s 90s and few clouds gathering on the coast in san francisco. mid-to upper 60s today x. we'll find it corstable in seattle with 68. and 80s in dc 100 in st. louis and dallas and phoenix. good news, all of our major airports are running on time. we have potentials of delays in the southeast. and lack of clouds here and looks like san francisco and san jose is running
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5:31 on this tuesday morning. thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze this morning. the man accused of killing sierra lamar lamar is expected in court this morning to enter a plea. did -- >> reporter: it has taken a while he was arrested a couple of months ago today he's expected to enter a plea still no sign of sierra lamar, prosecutors feel confident they can prove he killed her. they believe they've got strong evidence that will convince a jury. they believe the dna evidence they have will convince the jury that antolin garcia-torres committed the murder. he's expected to enter a plea today. he's accused of killing sierra lamar. she disappeared in march. police say her dna was found in his car. and his dna was found on her clothing, which they
5:32 am
discovered on the side of the road. volunteers and police have led several thorough searches for her but haven't turned up any clues. the searches have been suspended for now. the district attorney is still trying to decide whether he will seek the death penalty. right now we are at the plea stage that. plea is expected today from garcia-torres. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:33 now. a 17-year-old boy faces attempted murder charges after oakley police say an argument broke out during an online game and lead to gunfire as well as a stabbing. the victim's mother says it started when the suspect accused her son of interfering in a deal to marijuana. it started yesterday afternoon. police say the teen grabbed a rifle and knife and went to his friend's home to confront him. >> had the gun aimed at me, shot at my son. i went downstairs to call the
5:33 am
police he came downstairs put his gun down i thought they were fistfighting and he was stabbing the hell out of my son. >> her son was stabbed 16 times he is expected to recover. state public utilities commission tells abc7 newsc÷0st party bus operator involved in friday's accident had been fined for past violations. 25-year-old natasha noland while returning from a brad paisley concert. party bus of santa cruz passed inspection in march. in 2010, the company was fined for operating with a suspended permit and failing to perform preemployment drug testing. friday noland got into a fight with another woman the door opened and they both fell out. noland was run over by the bus. the driver has not been
5:34 am
charged. two passengers were realized for public intoxication. it could take weeks to determine how the accident happened. in san jose opening statements expected to begin this morning in a trial to decide merits of apple's claims that samsung is infringing on its patents, a jury was seated yesterday. apple filed a lawsuit against samsung last year alleging the south korean company's smartphones and computer tablets are knock offs of apple's products. demanding 2 1/2 billion dollars in damages. samsung countered apple is doing the stealing and some of the technology at issue has been industry standard for years. two more medical marijuana dispensaries are set to close the end of business today because federal justice department pressure. the examiner reports that hope net on 9th street and the vapor room on haight street
5:35 am
has been praised as models. their landlords got letters from the u.s. attorney's office warning of property seizures and prison sentences if the pot clubs did not depart. they will be the 7th and 8th in the city to close under federal pressure since a crackdown began last fall. marijuana activists are planning a protest and march tomorrow evening. it turns out welders who were working on a historic san francisco pier set it on fire accidentally. it took crews two hours to put out the june 20th fire on pier 29 on the embarcadero. welds had been working there the day of the fire. investigators say a spark got into a crack in a concrete wall and i go are -- ignited the dry wood building. water coming out of tap-in marin county is smelling funny. officials say that should dissipate over the next few days. the district blames the smell
5:36 am
on algae blooming in its reservoirs. crews have gone out to treat the reservoirs with safe chemicals. residents have found most complaints. officials say the water may taste a little off but it is safe. hard to ignore your nose and your taste buds on something like that. >> that's right. >> even when it is safe. >> we've been calling it funky water but we are going to move on. meteorologist mike nicco is here with the forecast >> let's do that. good morning. it is clear because barely have clouds most at the coast. watching monsoon flow bringing the moisture up into the southwest and thunderstorms there won't make it here the area of high pressure that has brought that flow this is steering warmer weather our way you may have noticed yesterday got a little warm inland same today, tomorrow
5:37 am
and into thursday. for the planner today, you can see clouds along the coast at 7:00, everybody else sunny, 50s, a few 60s still possible inland. noon a few clouds at the coast, 59 half moon bay. mid 60s san rafael and oakland. mid to upper 70s around the bay, 70s and 80s inland. 4:00 90s, east bay valleys, 70s around the bay, 60s at the coast into san francisco. 7:00, low to mid 60s along the coast of san francisco, clouds starting to move into the bay, 69 oakland, rest of us in the 70s and 80s. tomorrow and thursday hottest days mid and upper 90s inland, upper 70s to low 80s around the bay. mid 60s along the coast cooling trend friday that will head into the weekend that in a few minutes. first sue with your traffic. good morning. walnut creek north main
5:38 am
southbound 680 flowing out of pleasant hill towards the 24 junction, continuing through the san ramon valley, no delays and no problems. southbound 101 through marin past of the civic center looking good into novato and southern marin. roadwork both directs north and southbound 101 repaving until 6:00. update in the central valley westbound 580 two left lanes are open big rig accident is now upright hope to have it cleared by 7:00. looking at your waze app, traffic is very slow from tracy through into livermore at mountain. back-up getting bunched up grant line mountain house parkway heavy traffic you can see with our traffic spotters. beyond 205 to 580 traffic light, leaving tracy into
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dublin pleasanton. rkñy 5:39. coming up next, unusual wallet that oakland police will hope will a killer. a jetliner bound for san francisco comes to an unexpected stop, mid-takeoff. what happened when the pilot hit the brakes.ñcús
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here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now...
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you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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some virgin air passengers are in san francisco after their flight from l.a. aborted takeoff yesterday. the pilot chose to slam on the brakes after an indicator light came on. luckily, no one was hurt but it was scary for passengers. >> swerve and the slamming on the brakes not the normal thing. we weren't in the air. it was like going really fast in a car and you slam the brakes. >> passengers were put on a different plane which landed at sfo hours later. officials tell abc7 news they are still investigating the specific issue but say it was the pilot who determined the situation required a maintenance inspection and chose to return not gate. oakland police hope an unusual wallet will lead them to a killer. a picture of a 1,000 peso note
5:43 am
like this is on the outside of the wallet. the mechanic just arrived home friday night he was confronted by at least one man who shot him, then took that wallet. investigators are releasing the information in the hopes that someone who has seen the wallet will give them a call. struggling homeowners may be closer to getting a break on their mortgage. bloomberg business report is next. mitt romney caps a trip -- [ inaudible ] time is running out, two big california lottery prize still unclaimed. one of the winning tickets may belong to someone you know. in search of a seal of approval. the bay area company -- [ inaudible ]
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welcome back. clouds along the coast otherwise sun and sizzling temperatures especially inland 90s even upper 90s east bay valleys, 70s and 80s around the bay, 60s along the coast into san francisco thunderstorms down to the south, desert getting much needed rain that will continue during the afternoon. if you heading that way you may see cool lightning nice
5:47 am
thunder and impressive clouds around palm springses -- palm springs at 90 near 100 chico and sacramento, 81 in tahoe. >> only a meteorologist would call thunder nice, but thank you mike. new this morning, india is dealing with another massive power outage. officials in the north eastern part of that country say a major grid failed this morning causing a cascading blackout. the third grid failure in the last two days. those failures have left more than 600 million without electricity. traffic lights and metro rail system down in the capital. failures are raising questions about india's outdated infrastructure and the government's inability to meet an exploding demand for energy. u.s. lawmakers agreed on new round of sanctions for iran. they filed a final bill last night and the house could vote tomorrow. the bill expands existing penalties on energy, shipping
5:48 am
and insurance sectors in an attempt to derail tehran's push for nuclear weapons. sanctions penalize companies and countries that help iran avoid the sanctions. mitt romney, is stressing the united states long ties with poland as it caps a weeklong foreign tour designed to prove his leadership in world an fires. -- world affairs. his two day trip is aimed at polish-american and catholic voters in the u.s. and will highlight romney's stance toward russia he has labeled russia as america's top geopolitical foe. president obama is telling campaign donors if the election were held today he thinks it would be close but he would win. president obama returned to new york city last evening for a fundraiser at a manhattan hotel. he told supporters his opponents are spending like
5:49 am
nobody's business. he says democrats need substantial fund to could you teller that. 60 people contributed $40 each, raising more than -- contributed $40,000 each. remember back in march when the mega millions jackpot reached 656 million dollars? one ticket in san francisco purchased at fox liquors had five of the six winning numbers, but but the mega number. -- you get $228,000, but you better act fast, you only got two months. developing news in new jersey right now a neighborhood is flooded. the problem is a water main break with water inundating streets and a church. residents around the area have been evacuated from the area as the water continues to spread. most of the damage is to the nearby parish.
5:50 am
several homes have water damage no injuries have been reported. we are keeping an eye on the situation and we'll update the story as necessary. >> looks like it may be time for a sinkhole there. >> good point. time for our weather. i guess we'll be paying pg&e a little extra starting today. >> definitely will if you live inland and you want comfort, got warm in the house yesterday probably maybe. >> maybe probably. >> [ unintelligible ] >> 5:51. clouds along the coast, probably maybe those will not cause delays at sfo this morning. doppler dry high fire danger
5:51 am
because of the heat, but we don't have the winds so that's something good talk about. temperatures right now just updated these, 51 santa rosa, 65 in antioch. temperatures are running about three to five degrees warmer than this time yesterday. low to mid 50s monterey bay and inland. for today sunshine temperatures seasonal to warmer than average. coast and bay clouds we'll have those tonight slightly cooler tomorrow morning. won't be as hot this weekend, cooling trend on the way for friday, saturday, sunday. big story today, the heat livermore seven degrees warmer than average. san jose 86 is three, oakland 74 and san francisco 68 one degree warmer than average, redwood city one degree cooler at 82. high pressure backing towards us going to keep the showers down to our south but pumping warm weather inland if you
5:52 am
want to get away, escape to the coast. that's where it will be mild once again. low to upper 90s east bay valleys this afternoon. low to mid 70s most of the bay shore. mid to upper 80s south bay, campbell 87. mid 70s around millbrae to low 80s southbound on the peninsula. low to mid 60s along the coast mid and upper 60s down sound south san francisco, mid 80s to near 90 north bay valleys. 73 santa cruz, near 90 inland. both teams in town a's taking on the rays 7:05 first pitch mostly sunny and 66 dropping to 58. giants taking on the mets 7:15 10 minutes later partly cloudy, 63 dropping to 56 in san francisco hottest day as head of us end land tomorrow and thursday same for the bay -- temperatures drop four degrees friday, two to six
5:53 am
degrees saturday. you won't need to run the air conditioner. good morning. sun beginning to rise in the east this is the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic flowing smoothly no metering lights, no delays upper deck as you head into san francisco. elsewhere we have this problem with the "sig alert" in effect westbound 205 two left lanes blocked, big rig flipped over in the middle of the night they have it righted, they are hoping to get it out of lanes two left lanes still very slow out of tracy central valley alternate would be highway 5 to 132 to westbound 580. voice-over the altamont pass because of this accident, altamont into livermore light this morning if you are traveling westbound 580. new accident 880 southbound at 98th blking left lane, sensors starting to show a little slowing past the scene as they get that cleared out of lanes. drive times if you are heading
5:54 am
out. coming up on 5:55. the postal service is a day away from a historic default. >> here's jane king with the business report. good morning. no amount of heavy lifting will help, usps will not make tomorrow's 5.6 billion dollar payment to the treasury to cover future retiree health benefits. the reserve kicking off two-day meeting this morning on the economy and interest rates. lower close for stocks yesterday avalos we fell for a third straight -- after lowe's lowe's fell for a third straight quarter. a new study kates forgiveness for some borrowers would open the door to saving taxpayers' money. at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king.
5:55 am
southern california's troubled san onofre nuclear power plant could be back online by the end of the year. southern california edison the owner, has filed papers with the state estimating that the unit two reactor could be running by november 18. unit three's reactor could be back in service by new year's eve. the restart plans must be approved by the federal nuclear regulatory commission. the plant has been off-line since january when a tube broke in a steam generator, releasing small amounts of radiation. do you wonder how long you will live or risk for serious disease? a mountain view company wants to give you the answers. for $299 you can spit into a container and have it shipped to a lab. workers will analyze the cells and determine chances of getting everything from psoriasis to parkinson's. 20andme has been providing the
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service for five years, so far 150,000 people have signed up. in order to attract more customers they are hoping for fda approval in months. >> in industry needs some oversight to grow confidence. >> if i did get testing done and found i'm predisposed to some disease i would be freaked out. >> [ unintelligible ] some people say they are not interested in genetic testing even with fda approval. next, could a new deal be brewing for pete's coffee? /hñ the company and its main competitor. whether it is with a piece of bread or your favorite salad no shortage of uses for olive oil. michael finney is ahead with
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